Is taking care of payroll taking up all your time?

Let Us Handle Your Payroll

You have more important aspects of your business to worry about. Don’t let the stress of payroll distract you from running your successful business. Hire Ferretti CPA to handle your company’s payroll for you.

Payroll is Much More Complex Than Just Writing Checks.

As small businesses grow, their need to have an accountant take over their payroll processing increase. Payroll is a necessary function of running a successful business because it means that you are hiring individuals to help you carry out the primary function of your business. Payroll is much more complex than just writing checks. Payroll includes making sure that all of your employee’s needs are met, filing federal and state forms, and making sure your business is paying its portion of employer payroll taxes.

Ferretti CPA will help make sure that each employee’s W-4 information is input correctly to ensure their withholdings are what they want them to be. Doing this correctly will make sure that all of your employees are having the amount of their income withheld that they want for their individual taxes. We also offer direct deposit options to allow your employee quicker access to their wages.

At Ferretti CPA we prepare all of the necessary quarterly and annual federal and state tax filing forms. This will allow your small business to stay compliant and not have to pay any additional penalties or interest for failure to file. It will also save you the headache of having to deal with a government authority in case a form was filled out incorrectly.

Ferretti CPA will make sure that your business is paying its payroll taxes in a timely manner. This includes your business’s FICA taxes, Medicare taxes, and unemployment taxes.

Overall the payroll function can be a complex part of a business. Having issues in this area can cause your employees to become upset (think how you would feel if your paycheck was late!). Employee morale can make or break a small business. Let the professionals at Ferretti CPA take care of all of your payroll needs.

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