Is it Bad to Settle With the IRS?


You may have heard on the radio, TV, and online, that you can settle your tax bill for less than what you owe. But are these claims actually true? And can you really settle your tax debt without hurting yourself in the long run?

Some of these national tax resolution firms you hear advertising offer very little service, just look at their Google and Yelp Reviews.  So it’s important to know who to trust and get educated on what your options are to resolve your tax problem.

As a local expert Tax Resolution Firm ourselves serving Vero Beach, Florida we encourage all readers facing a tax problem to contact us for a free consultation. 

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What to Look for When Hiring a Tax Resolution Professional

IRS tax audit papers

If you are under audit from the IRS or in receipt of a notice of additional tax due, the steps you take next could make all the difference. There is a strong temptation to ignore these communications, but doing nothing will not make the IRS go away. Indeed, the longer you wait, the more dire the situation will become.

Every day you wait is one more day the IRS will tack on fees, penalties, and additional interest. Before you make the situation worse, it is time to face the problem head-on, even if that means hiring a tax resolution professional.

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